Actors/Actresses I

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron. Photo by John Harrison

Ever used a canon camera to record something? If you’ve done this, you’ve effectively made a short film. If you prefer being on the other side of the lens, though, then acting might be the career for you.

Did you watch the film The A-Team that was released in 2010? Who was your favourite character? If you say Murdock then you are cheering for your very own South African actor, Sharlto Copley! This film’s budget was about US$110 million. It grossed over US$177 million with more than $25 million in US receipts. Murdoch, or Sharlto Copley, had a lot to do with this film’s success. His character’s personality gave the film its comedic value which was not overdone at all.

Aside from this film, Sharlto Copley is also a producer and director for South African films. Some of his works have been featured in the Cannes Film Festival. He is also seen in the science fiction, District 9, where he plays the lead character for which he won Best Performance at the IGN Summer Movie Awards in 2009. District 9 is well worth watching, and is perhaps best seen in High Definition on a Blu-ray DVD.

He was born in Pretoria and grew up in South Africa. Today he lives part-time in Cape Town and the rest of the time he can be found in Los Angeles. In 2010 he wrote, produced, and directed a portion of the South African Music Awards (the SAMAs) that featured Charlize Theron. His next project for 2012 is Elysium which he will star beside Jodie Foster and Matt Damon. Another project in the works is Europa which is about traveling to Jupiter’s 4th moon.

Another South African actor is Sir Antony Sher who has won the prestigious Olivier Award twice. Sher is an actor, stage director, writer, and painter. Obviously his name indicates that he is now a British citizen. Sir Antony Sher was born in Cape Town and grew up in Sea Point. He studied his craft in London and worked in the Liverpool Everyman Theatre.

His film credits include Superman II, Yanks, The Wind in the Willows, and Erik the Viking. He has been on British TV several times as well as in the popular miniseries, The History Man and The Jury.

Charlize Theron is a household name in almost all countries with her extraordinary beauty and success as an actress. She was born in Benoni, an only child, and has German, Dutch, and Occitan blood. Her film credits are many, and include The Devil’s Advocate, Monster, Mighty Joe Young, and North Country.

Her childhood was a traumatic one with her father being an alcoholic and dying from a gunshot wound. Charlize Theron’s mother shot her husband after physically being attacked together with Charlize in 1991. It was a case of self-defence and no charges were filed.

Strange as it may sound, Charlize Theron claims to be a wall flower and very nerdy in her teens. When she left school at 16, she won a modelling contract and went to Italy for a year. After that year, she began taking ballet lessons but because of a knee injury, had to stop. This led to her career in acting in Hollywood.

Her latest film is Snow White & The Huntsman where she plays a Wicked Queen. For Charlize Theron, she easily gets into character because of her natural tendency to become obsessed with her work.