AFDA won the Apollo Best Student film for the second year running with 4th Year film BLACK SUSHI. Four films out of the five in the competition - SKITTERWIT, OUMA SE SLIM KIND, SENTER were produced by AFDA graduates.AFDA won the Apollo Best Student film for the second year running with 4th Year film BLACK SUSHI. Four films out of the five in the competition - SKITTERWIT, OUMA SE SLIM KIND, SENTER were produced by AFDA graduates.


 ‘Some  men fight the war,  others fight the ROCK.’ 

In late 1999, AFDA, The South African school of motion picture medium and live performance embarked on one of their typically ambitious projects- the development and production of a full length 35mm feature film made by 4th year honours graduates.

A fatal rock-burst at the Harmony Gold mine in the Orange Free State (a province in South Africa) and the subsequent heroics and triumphant rescue of the survivors, filled the daily headlines and provided the spark  for the film Soldiers of the Rock- a movie which takes place in the deepest, darkest, hottest and most dangerous underground mine in the world.  (Platoon, five kilometers below the surface of the earth)

 Various back-end deals and joint ventures were entered into with the Sasani Group (M.C.C. Videolab and FilmLab) for high-end equipment, laboratory costs and print and final mix requirements (Chris Fellows).  A deal was struck with local broadcaster M-Net,  who provided the  production capital for the film. A further grant from the Hubert Bals Fund created  a 93 minute digital 5.1 surround sound 35mm feature film for under a million bucks!

Black Sushi has been officially selected for the Bluefire International Competition at the Kinofilm International Film Festival. Congratulations to the crew and cast for another official selection.

UNDER THE RAINBOW and BLACK SUSHI, both directed by Dean Blumberg have been selected for the 7th INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF FILM SCHOOLS in Mexico City (5 – 12 of November). Black Sushi has been selected as a finalist at the Apollo Film Festival 2003 (20 – 27 September) and both films have been selected for the Africa in the Picture Festival (3 – 14 September) and the Commonwealth International Film Festival (Manchester) held earlier this year.

For more information please contact Steve Drake( on 021 448 7600.

Calgary Int'l Film Festival, Canada (Sept. 26 to Oct. 5) Invitation to screen AFDA Films

The Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF). has invited AFDA to screen SOLDIERS OF THE ROCK at their upcoming festival and the 2 short films UNDER THE RAINBOW and TRIOMFEER.

Stof, an AFDA 4th year production and winner of the IBDAA 2002 Film Festival has been selected in the final six films for 'Best of the fest' at the 2003 Real Affirmation Film Festival .

AFDA's multiple award winning film Triomfeer has won the Best Student Film Award at the Anti-Corruption Film Festival.

This follows the AFDA (The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance) winning tradition, as last year, AFDA took the runners-up position at the Anti-Corruption Film Festival with Norman Maake's 'Home Sweet Home'.

"When we first embarked on this project we felt it was a story that needed to be told. As it has been so well received everywhere we know now it is a story people wanted to hear. This makes us extremely proud and happy. We would just like to say thank you to everyone who felt something," was Anikesh Ramani, the producer of the film's, response on being told the news of the award.

"Congratulations to the director and writer JH Beetge, producer Anikesh Ramani, cinematographer Zeno Petersen, production designer Sean Pretorius, editor Tongai Ferusa and all the crew," AFDA director Garth Holmes said.

"'Triomfeer' is a classic example of the standards of excellence that AFDA strives to achieve and demonstrates the necessity to make culturally relevant films,"commented AFDA Production Director, Bata Passchier.

"It is interesting to note that all the above students are currently working successfully in the South African film industry. These are the film-makers of the future," according to Garth Holmes, director of AFDA.



AFDA wins at two film festivals over the weekend

AFDA won the Apollo Best Student film for the second year running with 4th Year film BLACK SUSHI. Four films out of the five in the competition - SKITTERWIT, OUMA SE SLIM KIND, SENTER were produced by AFDA graduates.

 In the feature film competition AFDA’S film SOLDIERS OF THE ROCK, directed by Norman Maake, received a SPECIAL MENTION from the jury.

 At the Obs Café Festival held on Saturday night, AFDA’S second year project CROOKS, (Directed by Nicole Lorenz) won best film.

 SOLDIERS OF THE ROCK is currently competing as an official selection at the Calgary International Film Festival in Canada.

 SOLDIERS OF THE ROCK is also competing in the Durban International Film Festival as well as many other International film festivals.

October 16 - 26th, Annual Washington DC Reel Affirmations is showcasing STOF.

AFDA shorts chosen for Short Ends World Film School Festival, London

This World Schools Festival staged by the London Institute, British Council and Film Council and a core group of film students at the London College of Printing, selected the following AFDA films for competition: UNDER THE RAINBOW , directed by AFDA student, Dean Blumberg and multi-award winning TRIOMFEER, directed by J H Beetge.

We are proud to announce AFDA's 4th Year Honours student film Soldiers of the Rock has been selected to go to the Toronto Intenational Film Festival

AFDA Shorts for Africa in the Picture

Six AFDA films selected for 7th Edition of the Africa in the Picture Film Festival to be held in Amsterdam (3 - 14 September 2003) The following were chosen- SKITTERWIT, BLACK SUSHI , SENTER, OUMA SE SLIM KIND, TRIOMFEER and UNDER THE RAINBOW.

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AFDA- The best there was, the best there is, the best there will ever be ] Ambition: To create a platform from where I am able to write and direct one feature film a year.

   Norman Maake*

   Honours Graduate 2001

Director and co-writer of 'Soldiers of the Rock': AFDA'S first  35mm feature film. Currently writing and directing for  Terraplane Films